Sunday, August 15, 2010

determined to roll

She was sans clothes yesterday and we chilled under wet receiving blankets to cool down. It felt nice, especially in the evening. She had her hands tucked underneth the blanket, and thought that was the funniest thing.

So, yesterday we saw something new. I was drawing in my sketch book and one minute shes on her back, the next minute I see her kicking like mad on her side. Shes trying very hard to roll over. Her left arm got in the way, and she was quite angry about that. She needed to be cuddled afterward to feel better.

The weather app that I have says it should be cooler after tomorrow and I am going to pray for rain.

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Anonymous said...

nekkid baby is very cute. Have you gotten tired of people telling you how much she looks just like mommy? (my boys look just like daddy and it is funny how many times a week I hear it.)


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