Friday, August 06, 2010


So yesterday was another fun day in the world of heartburn. I looked forward to my dr appointment in the afternoon. She holds the ability to cure this or at least see if it's something more.

Sooo I was feeling rather horrible and it got so bad that it sent me running to the can to throw up. Now it just so happens that our landlord came to give us an update on our bathroom and to see it.

Tony answers the door and meanwhile I in my haste did not shut the bathroom door fully. Haaaaaaaarrrrrrffffff! While talking to the landlord at the front door, there I was like right next door piling out all the tums I ate as well as anything left in my stomach (and then some). Yes I am quite the classy lady. Poor Tony and mr m had to listen to that. Oh well I couldn't help it.

The rest of the day I tried to sleep away the pain. The doctor thinks I have an inflamed gallbladder. She gave me meds that should prevent heartburn. Yay! Oh sweet relief! Testing them out this morning. Testing is to be done for this gallbladder, ultrasound and blood work. I will be having a date with the vampires in the lab again soon. .


Anonymous said...

I take a generic version of Prevacid. (after looking at gallbladder stuff too)

my life is seriously better for it.


heidi said...

oh wow! that vomiting story was funny stuff, but your illness does not sound funny at all. praying that you get some answers and relief soon.

Jennifer said...

couldn't be helped....glad it wasn't the other end exploding now aren'tcha?

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