Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recent Developments

So the bathroom is almost fixed. We went to chilliwack to visit the folks while that was supposed to happen, but instead there was a note for us when we got back and a big old hole in my bathroom ceiling. It said the plumbers were coming this week. So they came wednesday, and Sadie and I headed to the park to play. It took like 4 hours, so we ended up doing sushi as well.

 So its almost done, just need to have the ceiling sanded and painted and then I get to have a shower again. YAY!

So other things...well, Sadie has been smiling more and more and she is quite the talker. When we were visiting the folks, Aria was playing and bouncing Sadie in her arms. She almost laughed. There were many shrieks.

Yesterday she laughed. It was kinda creepy at first only because she did it while sound asleep. It was a full out giggle and laugh. Later she laughed while awake, but it wasn't the same as the sleeping one.

Shes been doing things all week long it seems. Laughing, finding her hands and the newest thing was almost rolling over.

 She stares at her hands (more like fists). She kept moving her hand closer until she poked herself in the eye.

Its about 8 o clock and we were talking and playing and she was desperately trying to go on her side or roll. Grief child! I haven't thought of baby proofing the house yet...

Bedtime is near, she is doing her whiney cry.

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Aria said...

AHHH I missed her laugh by a day!! :( I should have tried harder... lol
over stimulate till laughing....

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