Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Raining in the bathroom part 3 (the final part?)

Sooooo as we all might have guessed, it started raining on me in the bathroom again. This morning I hear the guy upstairs in the tub and then low and behold *drip drip drip*. I called the landlord again and let him know that the water is just finding new places to drip from. Now we have a plumber coming friday morning/afternoon to rip open our ceiling to see what is going on. YAY!

Finally its getting fixed. Now we gotta get out while this all goes down. The last thing we want is to expose Sadie to any terrible mold that is going on up there (cause there has to be some up there by now). I think we are headed to Chilliwack for a few days.

Tony is almost done school, just 2 more days or so. I am so glad its over. He will have a few weeks off before his FINAL semester in september. Oh its been so long. He is looking forward to getting out of school for a bit and not dealing with the student loan people.

(lets play a game, how many things can you spot on my living room floor?)

I thought of something that I dont think I've shared here before. I have a quirky way of taking out the trash. You know how most people haul their full bags of stinky garbage to the curb, or to a dumpster? Well, not us, not really. I detest taking out the garbage. I gag every time. Tony used heave our garbage down the hall, lug it down the stairs, and then all the way to the dumpster. This didnt last long. He hates it as well. 

Well, one day I didnt want to take it to the dumpster, so instead, I put it on the patio. I realized that from our second floor patio, the dumpster is not too far away. As long as its not terribly heavy stuff, my plan would work. I take our bags of trash and carefully drop them down below on the ground. Tony (my partner in crime) will then throw them in the dumpster. This makes for less hauling of stuff and its kinda fun. I love hearing the bags sometimes explode when they hit the ground. None of the bags ever tear enough to spill garbage everywhere and its way faster than anything else. I swear the first time we did it, I had an audience of neighbours peeking. I think they are used to it now. If they were smart or close to their dumpsters, they might consider it too. 

Hurrah for throwing garbage from a second story apartment!

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