Monday, August 02, 2010

Huzzzah it's hives

I startled myself this morning something fierce. I woke up, felt awesome. Got a good amount if sleep thanks to the little one. Decided to head to Safeway for some groceries (the fridge had been bare for a few days).

Sadie and I headed out and on the way I realized I felt kinda prickly on my side. Thought nothing of it until I was in the parking lot and looked down in my purse. I happened to see a glimpse of my arm and WHOA! When did I catch the plague?!? Must have looked a little weird to the 4 other people in the parking lot who saw me peeking at my tummy, and down my shirt. Sunglasses on it wasn't so bad but when they were off, my pale skin showed off my rash quite nicely.

Pharmacy was closed until 10 so I didn't stick around. Bought only a few things to tide Tony over with (waffles, berries,eggs). He loves breakfast things.

This day is like the worst possible day for this to happen. I am headed to the clinic again to discuss allergic reactions and my antibiotics. I should really be home helping Tony with his last report. This will make for an interesting night. I promised I would stay up as long as it takes to help him. Oh bother!

Only 2 more days until this semester is over. The last one for school starts in september! Ahhh the end is in sight! Victory is near!

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Jennifer said...

I went through a hives stage. It was stress for me. Like major anger issues with someone I lived with.

I want you to read Louise Hays, You can heal your life.

The only food thing that does it to me is asparagus.

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