Friday, July 15, 2011

Momma vs Sadie: The great toothbrush battle

"Oh momma, why cant I just suck the crap off my toothbrush!?!??!"

I'm sure she thinks this every time we brush her teeth. She acts all good about it, and then runs off with the toothbrush, chewing on the end and sucking the gunk off of it. Then, when I catch her, she howls when I take it away. 

So, my question is: Do I let her run away and play with her toothbrush? Or do I let her use it a little on her own before I try brushing her teeth?


katie said...

what i have heard that works is to give it to her without toothpaste and let her get used to having that in her mouth then after a few mins put toothpaste on and brush :) and let her help as much as she wants.

Miranda said...

Thank you! I will try that out tonight! :)

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