Thursday, July 14, 2011

The great kitchen purge!

There it is, my gross looking tiny kitchen. Excuse the mess please, I'm working on one thing at a time now-a-days. So I've doing a lot of thinking about moving, and how I'm not going to be moving at all this time (bedrest + recovery from surgery = no lifting) so I figured I'd help in the best way possible, purging our stuff.

When we got married, we didnt have much. I hadn't lived on my own ever, and so I had some bedding and clothes. Tony had some things, but they were old hand-me-downs of mismatched cutlery, plates, and random kitchen gadgets. After the wedding, we got a lot of presents, and more hand-me-downs. We kept it all thinking that we would need it, or that it was cool. Well, its just clutter, and its been taking up my itty bitty kitchen.

Today I focused on of the worst drawers in the house, the cutlery/everything-ends-up-here drawer.

ew, right?

So I emptied it on the counter, but actually it took up all my counter space...

TA DA! There it is, organized and put away. I got rid of a huge bag of stuff, and thats only one drawer in my kitchen. Boy does it feel good to do that. I've purged my craft stuff (before bed rest) and I think its going to feel tons better knowing we aren't moving boxes of crap to a new place.

My goal is to slowly go through my house and purge the worst of the worst.

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misslarissabree said...

With my kitchen stuff I like matching stuff. So if I have mismatched I tend to get rid of it and get a new set.
It may be wasteful, but I like my kitchen to match.

That reminds me I gotta get new dishes

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