Thursday, April 28, 2011

[baby update] 22 weeks

(left to right: bonbons from momma, bed rest / watching the boy kick, victory breakfast after being discharged from the hospital, almost done Sadie's blanket)

Taking it week by week is how things are going to go now for this baby. This morning we met with my new doctor (who awesomely enough, shares an office with the surgeon that did my cerclage). She knows whats going on, and said best thing is to take things week by week. So for the first few weeks, I'll probably been in every week or 2 for exams and such. She said its still a high risk pregnancy, and there's still the risk of pre term delivery. So I'm on bed rest for now until things look like they will hold out well. Its all about keeping the weight of the baby off my cervix. Lets also hope this baby stays kinda small to make it further along.

Due to the fact that these babies are both so close together, she recommended a c-section with this one. A little disappointing, but oh well. I'm not looking forward to the surgery or recovery, but I know what to expect, so thats better than before.

Gonna look for preemie onsies (just a few) and a sleeper, cause this little boy will probably be an early birdie.

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