Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[baby update] week 21

After a weekend of relaxing and being a slug it was time to see my doctor. After having an appointment with a substitute doctor (mine was on vacation) and 2 ultrasounds, mine was back. She looked at me right away and said "You need to be on bed rest. You cannot pick up your baby, go shopping or walking." Basically the pressure of the baby's head on my cervix while walking, or carrying things would cause my cervix to open,  and preterm labor.  No stitches cause my cervix isn't open, but I didn't want those anyways. I'd like to avoid surgery as long as I can.

I don't think its fully set in yet. I had to break the news to Tony on a short phone call 30 minutes before his last exam.  Don't worry, the news didn't affect his exam, he thinks he did well despite that. I dont think the news has sunk in fully yet, for me or for Tony.

It does mean that I will most likely be living in chilliwack for the next 4 months ish until this baby arrives. Tony and I need to see how that will work though.

Moving is probably postponed until July or August. Its pointless to pay for 2 bedrooms when only Tony is living there. I'd like to move before baby #2 arrives, but now we don't know when that will be really. I think its likely that he wont make it to full term, but you never know.

So being that I'm a sloth for the next 4 months ish, I will be online more, with nothing to do. I'm confident that I can finish Sadie's blanket before her birthday now. Probably finish baby #2's blanket before hes out too. Gotta send someone out to find me yarn. That will be a challenge, but I'm pretty sure I know the colours I want for him.

I miss Tony.


heidi said...

oh, miranda i am so, so sorry that you're going through this right now. as you probably remember, i was immobile from 27 weeks onwards with my last pregnancy and it was super challening.

my advice would be to keep looking at the positives: make a list of things that you've always wanted to accomplish (like a list of books to read or crafts to make, or baking projects) and then try to find joy in the fact that you have lots of down time to finish it all. it'll suck to be away from your hubby, but nice to be at home with your mama to help you out.

i'm going to keep you in my prayers. oh, and p.s. you were the kick in the ass i needed to dive in and make paska for the first time ever.....its rising on the counter downstairs as i type!

Jennifer said...

You'll be alright. Heidi has certainly got valid advice regarding this for you.
Being on bed rest is not the end of the world. I spent 3 weeks of feb in bed due to my neck injury and I'm still healing from it and telling people about it, but it's just another opportunity to use these experiences to learn about yourself.
Dive into knowing it will all work out :)

Miranda said...

That is a good idea, makelists of things to do. Oh it's good to know someone else that went through the same stuff.

Yay paska! I'm so glad you tried it! I felt like doing victory dance once mine was baked and iced. Once you deal with yeast and conquer, you'll want to do it again.

Jennifer said...

Maybe there is a 'what to expect while on bedrest' kind of information that you can look up and then work from there. Check lists are awesome. I have note books all over right now just keeping track of my own progress for documentation so that I can keep track of things and look back and it's turned into journaling which I wanted to do anyways.
Besides knowing and being prepared for the the phyisical stuff. Because there is certainly mental and emotional, spiritual components.
And you'll get to learn to delegate.
Oh and R still only gets washed twice a week maximum because water dries his skin out.
But anyways don't be fully devestated. Preganancy is a challenging journey no matter what you get dealt. It's how you deal with it that counts.
xoxox ~J

Tamara said...

Oh this is a bummer for sure. I hope it all goes well for you, though. Bed rest is pretty crappy but I think the idea of making a list of things to do would be really helpful. I am sure you will get a lot of crafty things done!

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