Friday, April 15, 2011

a little bit of vintage + sensitive skin

Got her new dress in the mail, but its a wee bit small on her. Made me a little sad, yellow looks so pretty on her. That's ok though, this dress is off to a better place.  This was the best picture of her in it too, little girl was not cooperative today. Its kind of been like that for days though.

In other news, this girl has some very sensitive skin. She has dry patches of skin that turn pink ish some days. Currently washing her laundry with hypo allergenic laundry soap, but I think her Johnsons baby wash is also irritating her skin. What type of baby soap do you other mammas use for sensitive skin? We're laying off the soap for now. Maybe that will help.


heidi said...

sam was just diagnosed with eczema last month (which is something i've had my whole life) and you're right, even the baby shampoos and soaps aren't gentle enough. the thing to go by is: if it has a scent, its going to bug her skin. period. we use aveeno, they have a special line for babies w/ sensitive skin & eczema, and i've heard that cetaphyl is great as well. we only soap him up once in awhile, usually we just squirt something in the tub to let him sit in it instead of lathering him up every time he has a bath.

another big thing is don't use dryer sheets! even the unscented ones leave a film of chemicals on the clothes.

poor baby girl. hopefully the more humid summer air will help her skin out.

Jennifer said...

I still don't wash the boy with soap and he is scaley dry and it's worse in winter.

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