Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[baby update] week 29

Due to the craziness that was downtown Vancouver, I was a little late for my doctors appointment, and that meant no starbucks treat for me- boo.

So todays appointment went well. Nothing crazy happening other than feeling some pressure every once and a while from baby's big head. Ultrasounds are looking good, things are holding (as far as the stitch is concerned). I asked her about coming home, and that was a no. Can't come home until the baby is almost all the way baked, so that will be when baby turns 34-35 weeks. Super unhappy about that, but I kinda figured she'd make me wait. Tony was sad, but he understands. So little boy will bake away, I still have ultrasounds every 2 weeks, and same with my doctors appointments.
This little bunny was so good for us today. She woke up from her nap super sassy and full of energy.

How was your day today?

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