Thursday, June 02, 2011

[baby update] week 27

So I mentioned in my last baby update that I had an ultrasound that I wasnt too happy with. Well, no calls from the doctor = less worrying about it. Doctor seemed pleased with results when I saw her on the 30th. She said that my cervix shortened a little, but its not something to be too concerned about with it right now.  My weight gain is good right now, its not too too crazy (less greasy food, and more fruits has helped a lot), and baby is moving a ton.

A funny thing happened while Tony and I were waiting in the exam room. We were in a new exam room. It had big tack boards all over with pictures of babies that were delivered by the doctors that share the office. So we were just browsing the boards, checking out the weird babies, fat babies, and multiple sets of twins when I spotted IT.

"TONY CHECK IT OUT!" and as I pointed at the baby, I touched him across the stomach. He spazzed and jumped back in horror. "ITS LOOKING AT ME!" I found a picture of a c-section baby, just the head emerging from a crazy belly opening. Gruesome...

So we're not having pictures of that. Not gonna happen, and I dont care if someone else did it, or let their husbad look past the curtain, its not happening with any of our babies.

I also asked the doctor again about c-section vs vbac birth. She mentioned last time that it wasnt a good idea, but I wanted to know how high the risk was of my uterus tearing during delivery. Apparently babies that are more than 18 months apart or more, the risk is 1/200. 2 years is the best amount of time to wait. Anything less than 18 months is very dangerous to both me and baby. She has seen 4 cases where the uterus tore, and she said the outcome was bad for both mom and baby. She said best thing for me is to do a c-section again. So it will be scheduled for a week before my due date, and if I go into labour earlier, its an emergency c-section instead.

I'm trying not to be disappointed, especially because this is best for all of us. Recovery is going to be longer and harder with 2 little ones, but we will figure something out. It limits the amount of kids that we can have in the end, but we just want a healthy baby.

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Cin said...

Glad you are both doing well!

Ug. I can't even imagine what that pic looked like. gah.


Cherie said...

Hey Miranda, i love that you blog so often! I just thought I'd let you know, I know a lady that had 4 C sections and was able to have the 5th naturallY... so it can be done! I also know a lady who had 8 C sections!

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