Friday, June 03, 2011


With special permission from my doctor (that I got the day before the ceremony), I was allowed to go to Tony's graduation ceremony at UBC. He graduated with distinction with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering.

It was sunny all morning, and right after the ceremony, it started raining...then pouring. The weather didnt put a damper on his day though. He was smiling the whole time.

After the ceremony, pictures and a little bit of wandering around campus, we headed off to have mexican food at Andales on W. Brodway. The chimichangas were the best -- and dont worry, I took a pill before eating spicy deep fried food, so no gallbladder attack for me. YAY! You cannot imagine how awesome it is to eat a treat and not worry about searing pain that could come from it.


misslarissabree said...

Aw congrats to tony!!

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