Monday, May 09, 2011

we've made it 24 weeks baby!

We're not out of the woods yet, but its one of those milestones that we needed to make with this pregnancy. The point of viability! I'm very relieved that we've made it this far and not had any preterm labour.

So far things look good, baby is good and healthy, and my last doctors appointment went really well. Cervix is staying closed, and I'm hopeful to start doing more activity maybe after my next appointment, but we'll see. My next appointment is a day before Tony's graduation ceremony, so maybe my doctor will let me go if I use a wheelchair.

This week was great.We havent been up to much, but we managed to dress Sadie up in her easter dress that I didnt get to use. The family took her to church on Mothers day, and Tony and I stayed home and relaxed sans everyone and baby.  Mothers Day was so nice.  Tony went out with my sisters and brought back such wonderful treats. He brought home roses and my favorite candies from the english sweet shop.

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