Saturday, May 14, 2011

[baby update] 25 weeks + baby bump

I figured while I was brushing my teeth, it was time to take a baby bump photo. This was the best I could do given that I was using my iphone and take terrible self portraits.

Hes been quite kicky lately. He likes it when I lay on my side. It seems that when I am on my side, he lays sideways and moves all over the place.

Yesterday was my ultrasound, and so far they think it went well. Everything is showing closed. YAY! Maybe by my next appointment I can do more moving around. Yesterday was my first day out of the house in forever, and it was the nicest day. Sunny, warm, windy, all my favorite things! We even stopped to get veggies on the way home from a veggie fruit stand, and I cheated and walked around just a little. Oh it felt wonderful.

Im back to resting now. Have some craft things and momma is off to the store to get me some supplies.

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Nicole said...

You look really good! I had a dream about you and Sadie last night. It was kinda weird... :p

Jessi said...

Congrats on your new baby!

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