Monday, May 16, 2011

view from the couch

{Daddy and Sadie playing early morning}
{Lunch time, Mikaela - my sister- gags a lot}
{Girl cant have the blocks stacked more than 1 high, she will go after them and take them apart}
{Play yard fence thing, Best thing ever.}
{Grandma and Sadie getting ready to watch Americas Best Dance Crew - love that show now}
{Sadie hates it if you dont share your food, especially popsicles}
{They had a good time sharing and reading Avon magazines}

Since blogger deleted my post on the view from the couch, I've redone it again.

This week has been much better than the last one. Despite missing out on being a bridesmaid at my sister in laws wedding, I've been less depressed this week. I had an ultrasound at St Pauls hospital and so we made a trip to vancouver for the day. God knew I needed a nice day out because it was the only sunny warm day we've had all week. I got to slouch in the front seat and have the windows open (my thermostat has been running hotter lately).I even cheated a tiny bit and walked around a fruit and veggie stand with my mom and Sadie. It was a wonderful day. Tony stayed in vancouver over night to go to the wedding. He came back yesterday and told me all about it (weddings from guys perspectives are not the same FYI-- so I'm calling his sister Beth, to hear about how things went.)

 I've been crafting all kinds of goodies, cards, and things for my friends and family. Tony shall be making a run to the post office for me to get these things sent out this week. He also needs (yes NEEDS) to bring back a tall starbucks drink, preferably a tall mocha.

No gallbladder attacks or heartburn thanks to the acid reducers that I take. I'm taking them when I need to, and I'm taking a lower dosage. Digesting laying down or slouching aint fun (or pretty). The ultrasound seemed ok, but I dont get my hopes up. I'm on edge a little today, worrying about if the dr's office will call me today or tomorrow.

So that is all for now. Today I might be posting peeks of things I am making. Time to CROCHET!


lizzie said...

oooo crochet fun times!!!

heidi said...

still praying for you whenever i think of you....and did you know that starbucks now has coconut mocha frappucinnos? just in case that's your kind of thing ;)

Amber said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy :) These pictures are SO adorable!!

Jacelyn said...

Love all the pictures! I'm glad to hear you're doing all right!

Jennifer said...

Once you are signed up on Ravelry 'friend' me...user name... TwistedButterfly. You can see what I'm crafting there.
Loved the pics from the couch...Heidi did those too :)
It's hard not to dwell on the entire situation when you have nothing to do but lie around seemingly infinitum. I know. You are doing a good job of lying around ;)
There was one day when my neck was so damn painful and all I managed to do for the day was paint my toes though it hurt to do it. Mik can paint your toes for you though so you are set!
If the dr's havn't called then there is nothing to worry about.
What else can you do for stress release when all you can do is lie there? Breathing. Calmly breathing. Steadily breathing. You are lucky because I found it too painful to knit on my back. I couldn't even do that much or read for that matter.
Unborn fetus/R loved it & would kick like mad when I would go to yoga and start brings in more oxygen to the blood.
Course being overwhelmed emotionally by it all is inevitable...but not unmanageable. And besides if all else fails start gambling! When I was on hospitalized bedrest with C, Meredith did visit me nearly everyday (she lived in Lynn Valley and I was in North Van hospital)...she'd play rummy with me everyday and the dr would walk in and accuse us of gambling yet again. lol.
Time will fly and this will all be over some day.
xox ~J

Chatón said...

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Miranda said...

Heidi: I had a mocha frap just yesterday and it was so good.

I shall have to take more pictures to put on here.

Jennifer: I shall be checking your ravelry tonight. I never knew you were on bedrest with C. Ya, its hard not to dwell on it, especially when it gets nice outside. Im planning on laying on the patio with Sadie tomorrow. Maybe I'll learn poker (Tony can teach me).

Jennifer said...

Ya my water broke at 34 weeks = hospital stay.
Mer kicks my butt at rummy.
Enjoy. xox

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