Thursday, May 26, 2011

[baby update] 26 weeks

{Sometimes Sadie is out of sorts when she wakes up from a nap, so we cuddle when she wakes up}

Thats my spot. I take over the love seat in the living room usually. Its prime real estate as its next to the window, wall outlet (for lappy) and in front of the tv. I can see almost everything going on in Sadie's pen, except beside my love seat (where she hides).

I've been trying not to be a debbie downer lately. I've been planning Sadie's birthday party. Its just a small thing, snacks and presents, and Sadie gets to eat her own cupcake.

Coley came to visit me the other day. She brought me turkey dinner that her and her husband made. It was delicious. I shared a little turkey with Sadie, but the rest was MINE! We talked about where we wanted to move to once this baby was out, and she convinced me to look at Port Coquitlam and Pitt Medows. The commute time for Tony would be about the same as it is from our house to his work, maybe a bit longer. The amount of space you get for the rent is awesome. We could maybe afford a 3 bedroom place, but I'm not setting my hopes on that. An office/craft room would be awesome though *sigh*.

I had an ultrasound yesterday. I dont think it went as well as it could have. Baby's head was really low. Like really really low. Now I know thats to be expected eventually, but its just gonna put stress on my already stressed cervix. She was saying his head was right up against the cervix. Yikes. Speaking of cervix, that too was also not as good as I thought. She measured the lenght, and it was a little shorter than last time. Now I haven't had a phone call from my doctor asking me to come in, so maybe its not that bad, but if tomorrow I have no phone call, I will be a little more relieved.We were thinking of doing lunch after the ultrasound, but we skipped that and went for triple O's drive thu and went home. I'm stressed out now, and I feel incredible guilt that its my fault for getting out of the house every few days to slouch in starbucks or recline in the car on a quick drive. Thankfully the weather is terrible now, so I'm not missing much.

I will end this on a happy note. Tony and I have picked baby's first name! Won't be sharing it until he is out, but its exciting for us. Now to figure out a good middle name :)

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misslarissabree said...

I would be really sad if you lived all the way out there but would understand

Miranda said...

I would be so sad to move that far away too.

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking Aldergrove myself. A craft room is a must too. And a yoga space, plus a garden. Hmmmm.

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