Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its a party! Sadie Turns 1!

 With much help from my family, we threw Sadie a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party. Mikaela and her friends blew up all the balloons, and Aria made a caterpillar out of them. Sadie woke up from her nap and could hardly contain herself when she saw the balloons and decorations. She was "EEEEEEE-ing!"

We made ducky punch , which not only looked wonderful, but also tasted delicious! We used the recipe from here.
We also had caterpillar cupcakes, fruit and munchies.
 The birthday girl opened presents,and everyone had the same idea as of what to get her. She received 3 pink fisher price singing tea sets. 3 of them! Yes, even I got her one. Thankfully she loves them, and we can return the extras for something else.
 As far as cake was concerned, she picked at it for a while with her pincers (pincers: index finger and thumb only). Its normally how she eats her food. She got into it after a while though.
 I loved that she couldnt figure out exactly how to eat it, so she got into it face first. She polished off a fair amount of cake and had to be hosed off in the sink. So thankful that she was sans clothes for it all.
Coley sure thought she was amusing eating her cake. Such a good time. It was a nice little party.


Cin said...

So cute :) Love the decorations!

Skibbe said...

Happy belated Birthday Sadie!! So cute with all the decorations!!

Fiona said...

I LOVE that baloon caterpillar! I must find an excuse to make one of those!

Jessi said...

very cute theme :) I am trying to decide on one for my daughter's 2nd b-day at the end of the month

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