Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this afternoon I will be...

hitting up Starbucks for a quick iced tea lemonade and going to my doctors appointment. I'm a little anxious today. From what I gathered at the ultrasound, it seemed good, no change, but...I'm gonna ask her about moving back home. I've been home for 3 days now with Sadie, and its seems to work out rather well.

Also, question for any mommas who've been on bed rest: Are baby kicks more painful?

These baby kicks feels like, "OMG THE BABY IS GOING TO COME OUT OF MY BELLY ALIEN STYLE!!!!" I figured it was because of my weak muscles. On my right side, if he kicks or moves, I swear, it feels like hes separating my muscles to explode out of me. Never felt this way with Sadie, and she was pretty active.

So anyways, I will be just chillin here until Tony comes home to take care of squirt while I escape the house. I'll let you know how it all goes tonight


misslarissabree said...

Good luck! Let me know how it goes :) miss you guys like crazy

heidi said...

praying that all goes well! every single week (or even day) that he stays tucked inside you is HUGE.

re. bedrest: i noticed the kicks more (and the braxton hicks) but i didn't think they were more painful. i'm guessing that this time it hurts more cuz he's a boy and is starting to use his muscles already ;) tell tony to get ready for lots of living room floor wrestling matches soon!

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