Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh disappointment

After the first period, I knew it was over. I'm not a Canucks fan, but I had hoped they would win.  I was on the road going back to chilliwack when I heard the final score, 4-0 Boston. Props to them, I was a big fan of their goalie. We turned the raido station to some pop stuff that my sister loves and became oblivious to what happened after the game.

 Made a quick stop to an IGA for milk for Sadie, and casually asked the cashier about what happened afterward. Riots and fires the guy said. Whoa...As we got home, I watched the shocking and horrific scene that was downtown in my city. I was stunned. I expected a little bit of rioting, maybe a car being tipped, but nothing like what happened last night. I had friends downtown watching the game. It really worried me, and I am glad they were ok.

Most footage showed fans standing around watching the idiots tipping cars, setting them on fire, and then this morning I woke up to see more terrible footage, looting, damage, guys in masks. Those aren't fans. Fans dont come prepared to the game with balaclavas and gear to cause a riot. I am appalled at how people behaved.

So, this morning I'm a little sad. What is our world coming to? What's your take on the Vancouver riots?

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