Monday, July 11, 2011

[baby update] week 33

So my doctors appointment went well today. Very well despite the fact that I was late by half an hour because I wrote down the wrong time. Oh well, it wont happen again I swear, even if it means perminate markering it on my body somewhere.

So besides being late, things are looking good. Baby measures exactly 33 weeks as far as size, so hes right on the money again. Ultrasound tech said hes roughly 4.5 lbs now (give or take). Ultrasound looks good. I can stay home for until this little guy is out, and that's wonderful news, especially to Tony. While I was gone, he started working later hours just because he hated going home to an empty house just to be lonely.

My doctor might just take out the cerclage a few weeks early if its not too too embedded in there. I cringe a little thinking about it being embedded...ew yuck, and maybe painful :( I'll cross that bridge when I get to it though, and she might do at our last appointment, maybe. The best news yet is the c-section is scheduled, and coincidentally, its on my dads birthday (sorry, its Aug 23rd). The end is in sight!

Feeling: Anxious, worried about getting into the swing of things with 2 kids. I will be away from Vancouver after having the little boy as its gonna take 6 weeks ish to recover. I say 6 weeks ish only because I dont want to be away that long, and I hate thinking about Tony being away from his babies for so long.

Also feeling so excited to be at the end of this. I have 2 doctors appointments left before the big day, and that is awesome.

Cravings: Been on a sugar high lately. I love icy cold sweet things like smoothies and popsicles.

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misslarissabree said...

Whens the date scheduled for?!

Aria said...

August 23rd : )

Miranda said...

yes. probably should have included that in there :)

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