Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[baby update] week 31

Its kind of surreal that in 9 weeks (or maybe less) we will have 2 babies!

This week I wasnt able to make it to my ultrasound, but it was ok with my doctor. I had the dreaded glucose test. I got a phone call 2 days later telling me I failed, and that I should go in for the 2 hour test. Gross. I had to do the same thing with Sadie, and I dont remember it being super fun. In order to get that stupid sucker down under the 5 minute deadline, I had to bounce a little up and down in my seat to jiggle it down. I made the nurse laugh. I guess its a good way for her to start her morning. In the end, I passed the 2 hour test. Same results as I had with Sadie.

So I had my doctors appointment in Vancouver, and it went really well. Everything looks good, baby is measuring exactly as he should be. She thought he was breech - but when she ultrasounded me there on her tiny ultrasound machine, she found out that it was just his big bum. Yes...I'm sure he has a big bum, he probably takes after his momma. I can feel it shifting from side to side when he gets antsy. She said that by 34 weeks I can most likely stay in Vancouver because things are looking so good. Tony is so excited. I feel so bad for him, being alone all week long.

Heartburn/Gallbladder attack: Haven't had issues with heartburn yet. Been taking my acid reducers every once and a while just when I think my food will cause issues,  and I dont eat before bed at all.

Cravings: mmm icy cold watermelon, ice cream, semi frozen juice boxes - I'm all for things being super cold, and its not even summer (well it is, it just doesn't feel like it)

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misslarissabree said...

This is a good update! Woo for coming home soon.

p.s love love all the new stuff on the blog

Miranda said...

Thank you Larissa! I've been working on it while I'm out here, and its looking a lot better.

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