Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I had to think of easy things to make while at home in vancouver, and chicken salad popped into my head. Now this isnt your ordinary chicken salad, it has red grapes in it. Yes, that's right, red grapes. 

Now you may be thinking, Miranda, fruit?!?! In your sandwich? Yesssss... precious....yesssss

I put in chicken, lots of red grapes (thats just my taste), then celery, helmans mayo (not miracle whip, its gross that way) and then salt and pepper.Love my pepper.

The red grapes add sweetness that you need to make the salad less bland and the celery gives it a crunch. I've also had it with little canned mandarin oranges, and almonds, but I was out of almonds at home.

I made a big batch of this stuff and its been lunch for me for a few days. Not sick of it yet.


misslarissabree said...

Yumm!! maybe ill get some fake chicken and mayo and make this!

Melanie said...

That looks incredible, especially with the grapes!! We often have leftover chicken that isn't enough for something on it's own. I may vary it to use pear or apple as we don't often have grapes in the house, but any of those ways just equal one big yum. Thanks for the inspiration!

Miranda said...

ohh I like the idea of apple in there with celery!

sonja said...

We're making chicken salad right now! :) We use my mom's recipe which has dried cherries, almonds, and celery. SOOOOO GOOOOOD.

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