Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easy summer salad

Even though its been a rather cool summer out here, I am back home now and am in need of easy to make meals. I've made a list of things that we can have. Today has been all about prepping all kinds of food so that I can just put it together easy peesy. It is getting hotter outside and our apartment turns more into a green house than a apartment, so I'm avoiding things made in the oven.

Today I cooked a big bag of bowtie pasta early in the morning and then packed away half for pasta dinner, for tomorrow, and half for a big pasta salad.

I put in cucumbers, my pretty cherry tomatoes from the farmer, peppers,sundried tomatoes, and feta. I used up the rest of a sundried tomato and oregano dressing that was in the fridge, andthen, done! I tend to like roasted red pepper or greek dressings too, but this one tasted just as good.

Its pretty close to a greek salad, but I was just not interested in crying over onions this morning, and so I skipped my least favorite veggie. I did miss the black olives. I live for olives.

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Carrie said...

I want to make this now right now lol our house is so hot too


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