Wednesday, July 27, 2011

its a baking type of day

Its the perfect day today. Not too hot, but cool enough that having the oven on wont kill us all with heat. I probably almost set off the fire alarm today too. A couple days ago, I put in a cheapo frozen pizza, only to discover later that it was cracked in half, and the cheese ooozed all over the bottom of my oven, stinking up the kitchen, and burning cheese to the bottom. I may have forgotten to clean it. whoops...

I turned on the oven, and as I was mixing my ingredients,  I noticed smoke coming up from inside through my elements. Needless to say, muffin baking went on hold as we scraped burnt cheese out of the oven. 

I may have messed up on the recipe a tad, and thats probably the reason they look more like frankin muffins, instead of pretty ones. I used this recipe from the Joy of Baking website, only I forgot to melt the margerine and add it in the mix. I just tossed in a square of margerine that was kinda too soft and melty. Oh well. They still taste great. I also cut down on the sugar so Sadie can eat them. She's big into muffins.

---Oh, I should also mention something from the baby update that I should have addressed. Its not that I'm super impatient for this little guy to come out, no. Its just that I hate huge big needles, hospitals, and thinking about being awake for any type of surgery, no matter now minor. So its not that I want this little guy out faster, its that I'd rather either wait on taking out the stitch, or see if we can get both surgeries (c-section and stitch removal) done at once.If not, I'll live. I'll be praying for a lot of courage to get through it all though. Hopefully, we can get the stitch out at the office--dreading that part, but  its better than a hospital stay.

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Nicole said...

I made banana muffins yesterday :) I add chocolate chips, but I was almost out so there's probably 2-3 chips in each muffin!

Miranda said...

I wanted to put chocolate chips in mine, but I was out :(

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