Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sadie Loves...

Biting your toes
Music that she can dance to
Head butting the fat cat
Sitting on the fat cat
Being chased down the hallway
Climbing onto the chairs

Hearing herself scream
Cuddling in the big bed
Playing fort!
Playing wash the dishes with her aunties
Pool time

Anything involving water really
Tastes of popsicles
Having sunscreen sprayed on her
Chewing on straws

Chewing board books
Reading her chewed up books
Touching the eject button for the cd drive
Taking her socks off
Making friends while shopping
Pull clothes off the racks while shopping
Smiling and acting coy

Helping with the dishwasher
Her daddy.

PS: I wore this dress when I was little. I'm gonna search for the photo of me in it for you all to see. 


hello deer! said...

seriously miranda, you have the most beautiful family. i love sadie so much, what a peach.

Kelsey Cole said...

Sadie is so cute! I love that her dress is one that you wore when you were little:) I hope to have a few things to pass down to my kiddos as well someday!

The fashion berries -personal blog said...

really like your posts, beautiful blog ;) I am your new follower
you can follow me back please:

have a nice days

Miranda said...

I am just glad that my mom saved some of my pretty clothes. I need to buy some pretty vintage dresses for her again, shes gonna be out of these soon.

punkychewster said...

that hand-me-down dress is still in an awesome condition!! i wish my mom kept my old stuff so i can pass them on!!! i don't have any kids yet, but i was gonna name my little girl sadie jane!

Miranda said...

Sadie's name was the only one we could agree on. :) Her name middle name is Alexa.

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