Tuesday, March 27, 2007

dreaming of rats...

The other night I was sleeping, I heard a rustle. I live in a basement with ugly faux wood walls and a drop ceiling. Well, noises dont bother me normally, except it was a noise from over my head. It was scratching scuffling noises. I had the blanket over my head incase a rat dropped from the ceiling onto my bed. Nothing dropped, the noise went away, but it was a eerie feeling afterwards, and for the next few nights.
Well, I was in bed last night, almost asleep, and it came back! Scuffle! Scratch! I was not going to live in fear tonight! Quietly, I creeped out of bed, and turned on the light. No noise.....and then a MEOW! Well, the sneaky white cat was in the ceiling. I didnt see her at first, I saw her in the reflection of the mirrors.

CREEPY CAT! I pulled her out of the ceiling, and proceeded to boot her out of my room. Well, she didnt want that, she ran to the bed, cleaned her dusty self off and went to sleep.

She wanted in the room! I always close the door, and shes not the type of cat to scratch on the door, she has in the past head butted herself in, but never meow or scratch. Silly! I think I will have to get used to leaving the door open or else have nighttime creepers in the ceiling.


Meredith said...

We have the same blanket. :)

Anonymous said...

Miranda What a hoot to hear that you got the woolies booted out of you. Yikes for that cat for it sure wants to get some attention one way or another. Well I guess that you will look for what is up above you.

Jennifer said...

I can't fall back to sleep after I hear scurying...ick.
We did just catch a rodent in my bathroom cupboard though...ick ick ick.

Aria said...

well at least she didn't fall out the panel this time and break something.
say mew meow to my cat for me hahaha

I love the story. I had a similar one but I never found out what the scratching noise was but then again I don't think I want to know.

running wildly said...

Love the red diagram.

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