Monday, April 09, 2007

After easter...

Feel a little sick from eating bunny, and the sugar rush is wearing off, and now the sleepy feeling is setting in....
Church was good, there were like 12 children in the nursery where mik was helping for the first time. It was a little overwhelming to see them all screaming at the end. She said they were good until the last 5 min. Poor kidlets.
One was making noise just because and it sounded like crying, but it wasnt. what a cutie.
Tony was there, and he was a little scared of all the kids crying all at once. It was pretty loud, even for me. Told him not to worry, as we wont have 12 kids all crying at once.
Made him feel better, but not much.


Jennifer said...

they always start crying in the last 5 mins before pickup. it's conditioning. who says babes can't tell time.

Miranda said...

its so true.

Aria said...

aww poor Tony!
You know what? I didn't get an easter bunny this year. I didn't feel like buying one for myself haha. Hope you had good chocolate!
Easter was good? and Mik is in the nursery?

OH GUESS WHAT! I got your birthday present! I just have to send it now haha

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