Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RRROLL up the Rim to win...

Ya right! I was doing well this season, won a few for my mom and dad, but one day, I rolled up the rim prematurely...a third of the coffee left. Since then, havent won a thing since. I think the premature rolling cursed me.
Now the one who wins is my mother. Yes, shes had a good winning streak. She also gets "lucky fingers Mikaela" to roll her rims. That kid never loses.
I think this is the only time I really drink tims coffee or tea though. I enjoy the excitement of rolling the rim, even if I know I wont win.

a sad roll-up-the-rim-er is going to try to win again!


Aria said...

awww poor muffin... Oh wait you haven't even won a muffin have you!

What was the biggest thing you all won so far? I miss rolling up rims.

I don't know if anything can beat auntie ange's camp set last year!

anywho I love the pictures, they make me laugh. And I am showing my friends timmy-hoes stuff lol

Love ya!

Aria said...

OH! P.S. I see lots of cups in your room! If that were here, you would have an ant infestation all throughout your room. Most likely roaches too. HAHAHA sick

Miranda said...

I won a free coffee :P only 2 cups, and yes, I probably would have roaches, luckly I live in a cold country where the spiders roam. theres on in my bathroom that keeps bring out his food and hiding it as I enter.

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