Friday, April 20, 2007

In aria's room

I hope you enjoyed my photoshoot in Aria's room. I just watched the taped "America's Next Top Model" and felt inspired. Although I am far from model, it was so fun to dress up in Aria's clothes and mess up her closet (only a little and yes we put it all back). We didnt snoop as the picture implies, mom suggested it as she got to be the photographer. Could have gotten a better shot of the cat if she hadnt been so upset that I held her for all of 30 seconds. Stupid camera shy animal.
Anyways, I am going to get to bed, getting up early tomorrow :P


Anonymous said...

I <3 your clothes

love mik

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you should have shown Aria those pictures because you are going to owe her some serious rental money.

Love mom

Aria said...

SERIOUS RENTAL MONEY THAT'S FOR SURE! Woowah! my room is defiled... I miss my room hahaha.

I love the photo shoot though.
you so owe me! hahaha

You guys are awesome!

Mik are you using my clothes too?

Anonymous said...

Ya i use your clothes too.

But i always give you rental money!!!


Jennifer said...

you girls...always funnin.

running wildly said...


If I were Aria, I'd totally shave off your eyebrows when you were sleeping.

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