Thursday, April 26, 2007

Night of the Meatloaf

Normally I dont like cooking dinner when I am told I have to.I like doing it when I want, not when I am told. This will change of course when me and Tony are on our own, and I will have to get used to it. So, I found the loaf pan and Aria's meatloaf recipe card, and went to work at it.

Never had made something like this before. This dinner is more hommade than what I am normally accustomed to making (sidekicks and frozen veggies mixed together, and I like to believe they are "good for you" when you add veggies, but man, they must be high in sodium and chemicals, but the veggies must be good.)
I hate mixing things with my hands because I hate the feeling of meat under my fingernails, and my fingernails are short. :P I was mixing away, the meat felt like brains, it was cold. I was by myself for a while and noticed that the
Cat was overseeing the whole operation. She loves sitting up there on the cabnet beside the fridge, cause its warm. Tony came upstairs and I recruited him to be my potato minion. He peeled them all so nicely for me :) I tend to peel my fingers cause I am careless. He did well and didnt peel fingers.
Hes here for a bit because hes done school for a bit.

This over here is my meatloaf with "aria's secret sauce". The recipe card was quite cute, but I cannot post it due to the secrecy of the recipe.

Mikaela, who is picky about things with sauce on them, approved of the meatloaf.

There you go Aria, it was a success. I also enjoyed making dinner, and might even do something like this, again. Hurray for food thats not prepackaged!!! hehe and as I write this, I am going to make me some sidekicks and veggies for lunch tomorrow. Oh well.


Miranda said...

bah!!! The layout looked fine, and then I hit publish, and it all went down hill. I hate trying to make things look cool, and from now on, will not care how the layout of the page looks, cause it just screws it up more!!!

Aria said...

hahaha that's what I do with all my pictures :P try as I might they never do what I want.

Anywho, I loved the "night of meatloaf" what did you think? easy and sooo good??? hmmm???
And I am so happy you liked the recipe cards! Oh and the loaf pan too is used! yay!! Success in birthday presents!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miranda Yes those cooking skills will come in handy when you are on your own. It is good to see you do it even you find it a challenge. So take it with a grain of salt as you learn the home maker skills for it willgo a long way for you and hubby.

Jennifer said...

potatoe peeling minion...good. also make sure he can fold laundry. mind you, you'll only have 2 people to fold for and not 4 like I do but gee does help ever come in handy.

Jennifer said...

oh yea and that is why I always lay out my pics in boring straight forward style....lame but there you have it.

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