Tuesday, May 01, 2007


In the living room, we have a big shelf full of knickknacks and candles and pictures. Since Aria is gone, we have been collecting things to give her in her little packages.
Mom will forget unless its somewhere she can see it all, so we throw it all on the top shelf.
We accumulated quite a bit of stuff up there, mom lovingly calls the shrine of Aria.

Well, I was being silly and made it look more like a "real shrine". hehehee

But something was still missing....CANDLES!!! hehehee Mom was a little weirded out, and made me take it all down after I was done with the camera. She was giggling though.

I didn't have incense, but thats ok, I dont like it anways, it can get a little too strong for me.

Oh, and wedding stuff is getting done slowly. Have a MC, and getting the pastor done this monday, and then on to other things like cake, dress altering, and finding of tuxes (not mobster ones that tony wanted---I dont even know what he means by that, and he doesnt either, his friend thought they were cool.) Pfft...Boys. They can have sunglasses and be "cool". I am looking forward to getting the cake and food stuff all done. Gotta dig up them white mini lights I used to have in my room. (Used to have them nailed up around the room in the townhouse,they were white and some were rainbow). Oh the decor of a 15 yr old.

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