Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Computer art...

Hope you enjoyed my art. I love photoshop, dont know what I would do without it.
You also have mail coming, mom and I sent it this morning. Also, made sure the flower lady was booked for the wedding. So glad I am done with picking flowers....never thought there would be so much you needed to know about them. I dont have a clue what half the names of the flowers are, or what they look like as long as they are pretty I dont care. At the meeting we had with her, it felt like I had to care about every little flower in the wedding. Pffft! dont care, make it pretty and have some blue flowers in it so it matches the colours. Oh well, should look really nice now. Got my favourites in there (lillies). Love the smell of those.
I shall be off, momma has leftover chilli warming up, and I am hungry!


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh.
Love mom

Jennifer said...

I do *heart* your art.

My dad mis-names flowers all the time! Seriously the guy has cracked me up so many, many times calling a forget me not a periwinkle and such!
I'm sure uncle D NEVER would make those mistakes!

Aria said...

haha You Go Miranda!!! HAHAHA I love the picture, I miss you too, and I am so happy that there are lillies. :D

Love you lots

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