Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i am a horrible blogger.

I havent updated this in a while, and I feel guilty. Audrey guilted me to do it some more.
I didnt know she has a blog.
So now, onto more important things.
Does anyone have curly eyebrows? What does one do to keep them inplace? I have them obviously (get them from my father, only his are more like horns when they curl out lol).
So I am getting little eyebrow hairs curling all over the place. Using hair gel doesnt work, nor does hair mousse (sp?). So far I have been using clear mascara, but now I find little guys curling out all over the place.
Anyone? I dont wanna use anything too strong so that if it gets in my eye, it makes me blind.


Jennifer said...

try spraying the hairspray on your brow comb and gromming them into place from there.

Jennifer said...

or CAREFULLY trimming them.
or plucking them ALL out and penciling them in EVERY DAY.

Aria said...

Oi! The second one sounds a little extreme.
I knew someone once that did that and she didn't pluck them for a few days and it looked really awful.
Good luck Miranda.

OH and I have the same thing :(

heidi said...

take an old toothbrush and brush your eyebrows so that the hairs are all sticking WAY up. then take a picture and blog it (haha just kidding. but we wouldn't mind if you did...) next take a tiny pair of scissors (i use the little cuticle ones that come in a manicure set) and cut the ends off of all of the hairs that extend past your eyebrow line. ta da! no pain required. and yes, you have been a very bad blogger.

Miranda said...

if I pluck them, I might as well have no eyebrows...they all curl, especially at the ends. The hairspray thing might work better than hair mousse (that stuff seems to make it curlier).

Aria said...

you use the same stuff on your hair to make it curlier.... wouldn't it try and curl your brows too??? At least they're not as bad as dad's -- his look like little horns some days

Miranda said...

i must take pics of them at their worst lol

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