Thursday, June 17, 2010

back to crafts

Finally finished this painting from when I was on bed rest. Its a crappy photo from the iphone, but I was charging the battery in the big camera. Did this and many thank you cards while Sadie was napping. Also worked on a craft that required spray paint. It was windy outside but that didn't stop me. I got it done and now it should be super dry with the wind and all.

Baby is smiling more, could be gas but there are so many more smiles, and she did it while focusing on my face and being all cute. She did the same thing with my mom. Mom melted.

Hmmm another new thing happened. We got a freezer from Tony's mom as a present. Super awesome present! It way beats my freezer in the fridge. Cant wait to put more things in it. Right now we have a big box of freezies. Havent been able to get those in forever.

The blue ones are the best.

Pee wee will probably have a late night tonight. She did last night as well, but she slept well and although she fussed early in the morning, she slept again (or did something, I didn't look to see what she was up to) for another hour and a half. yay!

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