Thursday, June 10, 2010

getting into the swing of things

Its taken a bit, but I am finally getting the hang of this baby thing so far. Shes finally sleeping for about 5 - 6 hours straight at night and its been so nice. I've been feeling more like I can cook real food instead of instant crap. Today for lunch its whole wheat greek pasta salad. So my favourite salad. I forgot onion, but I am quite alright with that.

Baby is napping in a pink bundle on the couch. We were "playing" on her tummy and when we both had enough, I flipped her over on her back. I guess we tired her out cause she fell asleep there on her own. I like having her in the living room sometimes cause shes cute when she sleeps and is oblivious to the noise that we make. I love seeing her little arms above her head.


Jennifer said...

nah...needs steak...or chicken.

Jennifer said...

or salmon

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