Tuesday, June 01, 2010

weekend stuff

So this weekend was jam packed full of stuff. My good friend Stephanie was getting married. We rented a car (stupid PT Cruiser) and headed off to Chilliwack. Man it felt so nice to drive just with Tony and now with Sadie. I miss going out for drives. On the way, we had to hit up a drive through of any kind cause we havent done one of those on our own in FOREVER. Man, its sad but we were so excited to do that. First thing we found was a McDonalds. While waiting to order, Tony looks down at his door and asks "where is the window switch?"....what???? I look at both doors and panicked. WHERE ARE THE STUPID DOOR SWITCHES?!?!?! we were frantic for about 30 seconds before Tony found the really terribly marked switches by the cd player in the middle console. We both agreed that this car has terrible design. Door lock switches were also in that spot and we also couldn't figure that out until later that day.

Feeling nice and full of fries, we headed off to chilliwack. We stayed at my parents place and in the morning got ready for the wedding. Sadie was so cute in her pretty pink dress, tiny socks (that never stayed on) and little white shoes.

Wedding was beautiful and Sadie was excellent until the dessert and speeches. Then she needed to eat. Tony and Aria saved me some dessert and I got back to see the dancing and the happy couple before we headed home.

Church was the next morning and I hadn't been since I was hugely pregnant. Sadie was the star of the show. She was not put down at all, and I saw my family dividing up times to hold her. They passed her down to each other all through the service. Aria and Mik shared her while I had a nap later at home. They switched her back and forth every half hour. "Why put her down when we have arms" Aria stated.

It was a very good weekend.

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