Wednesday, May 26, 2010

little blue dress

I cant think of anything to say recently. Life has been wrapped up with Sadie stuff, so I cant think of anything interesting to say.

I have tried out some clothes to wear at my friends wedding. I am a little nervous about going with Sadie, but shes pretty good on the 2 excursions that we've been on (one trip to the store and to the doctor).

Haven't done my painting yet, but I did manage to finish some more thank you cards. Now the one time I want to sleep, she is awake again and Tony is at school. She is amused however with her hands in her mouth, so hopefully I can take a quick nap. I now leave you with this one, her new dress from Aria. Its for 11 lb babies, so she has to fill it out still.

This was when she was sleeping an hour or 2 ago. I love the little yellow ducks.


misslarissabree said...

aw mir i love her so cute!!

Aria said...

awww I love it! She is precious.

Jennifer said...

Sadie stuff is interesting stuff.

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