Friday, January 11, 2008

Learning to cook...

Well, I kinda know how to cook, however I have tried something new that I have never done before--- Stew!

I recieved a crock pot / slow cooker however you want to call it for Christmas from Aria. I also got a great cookbook on slowcooking recipies from Matt and Katie!

I have been wanting to test it out for a long time, and while I was cleaning the kitchen, I was checking a few recipies to see what I could make.

Today, I am making Chicken Stew.

It is simmering in the pot and has a few hours to go, however I shall post its progress now for you all to enjoy.

Such a pretty crock pot! I have to wait a few more hours, but thats alright, Tony is still working, and will be home probably just in time. :)

I am excited for him to come home because I want to eat stew and watch the Bourne Ultimatum with him. I am hoping to come out to Chilliwack soon, but not this weekend, I need new shoes badly and Tony needs jeans. Shopping day is tomorrow!

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Aria said...

ooo and how was the stew?
I am hoping to come out to visit you not this weekend but the next next one? (25th one?) I need to go to ikea too - they have wardrobes on sale! AH! MY DREAM COME TRUE!

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