Tuesday, January 22, 2008

noticable things...

As my friend Coley and I were walking to work she mentioned to me that it was hot outside.
Really, is it hot? Well we both agreed that since the sun was out we should call it hot outside because walking in the shade made it a little cooler. Makes us both excited for the summer! Cant believe I am talking about summer in January! I am loving the weather however, its been grey and gross for too long. I am just hoping my rain boots come soon so I can keep my feet dry for when this weather goes grey.
Tony left his keys at home today :P Silly boy. Oh well, that just means I get to meet him at work and maybe have lunch with him :)

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Aria said...

aww I was reminded of summer today too! I sat in starbucks sipping a latte and reading - IN SUNSHINE! I think it was the warmest I've been in way too long.
Can't wait to see the boots btw.

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