Saturday, January 05, 2008


So today, Mik and I travelled to the mall and saw Enchanted. It was super cute, and really girly. It had a pretty basic plot and all, but it was just like a Disney Princess movie.
I loved Giselle, she was the best by far, the other characters were alright.
Jennifer, you should really take C to see it, I think you both would like it. I was in the theater looking around, and there were only 2 guys there. One father with 3 little girls all about the age of 6 and then an older man with his wife. I remember being in a movie like that before, it was the Ya Ya sisterhood thing. In that movie, the whole audience cried, and one poor guy was suckered into going with his girlfriend, who was sobbing.
LOL I know not to bring Tony to one of those movies. I made him watch Pride and Predjuice (I cant spell it to get the spell checker to make it better) and he almost ruined it for me. I had to watch it with my mom and sister to make it all better.

After the movie, I was wondering around the mall with Mik and we just had to see the sales at the Body Shop. Mmmm satsuma body butter. I love that stuff, and bought some. Now I am sitting here smelling like nice oranges. Tony made fun of it a little, but he likes it. Also, found some cool tea tree oil stuff for my face, maybe it will help my acne. :P

I shall go to bed soon, I have to work tomorrow :(


Anonymous said...

We picked up Mikaela today and she said she loved the movie! She also loves you. Misses you dreadfully already.

heidi said...

i don't allow josh to watch any jane austen movies with me because he ALWAYS ruins them. i was watching little women at christmas time and when he walked in the room, i turned it off just so he wouldn't make fun of it!

Meredith said...

Turning it off when they come in the room is a very good strategy. I too enjoy girlie movies.

Jennifer said...

we're totally going to go see it

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