Saturday, January 05, 2008

kinda have nothing to say...

I felt compelled to blog even though I don't have much to say. Its been a while and I feel guilty just reading other blogs.
Christmas was good, got a ton of bath stuff. The coolest stuff by far was a bubble bar from Lush. It smells like berries and made lots of bubbles and the water was pink.

Watched Harry Potter 5 and disappointed myself when I watched it. I imagined parts that I really wanted to see actually in the movie, however those scenes weren't in the movie. So sad, but it was an alright movie.

new years was good, had Ian and Beth over and we played Guitar Hero, Mario Brothers, and watched a movie. I had fun, but didnt like the after mess. :P

Throwing out shrimp is bad when you dont empty the garbage right away....ewww the smell of dead fish was gross.

Mik is over today, we are going to see "Enchanted" at Oakridge. It looks super cute.

I am going to go get ready, I have another suprise to blog about hopefully this week :)


Jennifer said...

Oh and C want to see that.
The Potter movies are getting lamer and lamer no? If something is rated pg13 then they could pick up the plot just a little more, you think?

Miranda said...

i know! You would think they would keep it real to the book, but instead they are hollywoodizing it :P

Miranda said...
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