Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I hurt.
I cant remember the last time I fell hard but I did today.
I was really excited about getting my package -- the nativity scene.
Waited in line at the post office for 20 min.
So I was on my way to work with the package in hand, and there was my bus, it was getting ready to leave.
I raced down the hill with everything in hand. It was raining a little, no bid deal...
Thats when I felt my shoe coming off, it tripped me and it felt like I was falling in slow motion.
There went my parcel, and my purse and umbrella. Fell almost on my face really.
Skinned my hand, so bad that I peeled a chunk of skin off, it was almost off. I also really badly cut and scraped up my knee.
I noticed my hand right away, not my knee. A nice man picked up my package and there went the bus.
Got up, grabbed the package and my stuff, and said screw it, I am going home, and hobbled back home. Thank goodness I was only a few blocks away.
Once I got inside and saw my knee and the battered jeans, I cried. There go my only other pair of jeans. My knee had blood running down them and my leg.

Must ask Santa for another pair of jeans now.

I am home now, putting polysporin on my wounds and waiting for tony to come home with band aids so I don't have to see the hideous cuts.

Disappointed because my scene is missing a sheep and a little boy figure, but oh well, its mostly complete and its on my bookshelf! I am happy with it anyways.


Meredith said...

I like your new look. I am sorry about your wipeout. I find when that happens to me I will not notice my knees until someone else says something or I go to wash me wrecked jeans.

Anonymous said...

oh, my poor baby!!
It made me wince just reading your blog. Got to get some polysporin.

heidi said...

aw, bummer about the fall. i know what its like to only have one pair of jeans and they are like SACRED to me! btw, i'm so jealous that you got that nativity. my dad has one that we would put under the christmas tree every year... good memories.

Jennifer said...

awe poor thing...sounded like an ordeal. hope your cuts are healing well.
we buy neosporin at costco:)

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