Sunday, March 11, 2007

We put the 'Fun' in 'Dysfunctional'

Dinner time can sometimes be a rather chaotic event. Usually we eat, Mikaela talks, and she ends up being the last one at the table. Someone always mentions that Mik hasnt eaten the vegitable of the day, whining insues and sometimes tears fall. The parents then have to tell her to eat them or else, and this is when me or Aria mentions that if she doesnt eat them she will never grow, and be stunted for life. I know when to stop egging her on, Aria never really knew when to stop, or had to have the last word. Mikaela is a child that seems to never shut up until she has the last word. Those two usually fight until one gets hurt and cries (mostly Mikaela).

Now sometimes, everything is normal, or quiet. Its been pretty quiet since Aria is gone. Mikaela doesnt have anyone to fight with except me, and I dont fight much.

Well tonight, Mikaela started it (as if I would take the blame). She hit me, and I smacked her arm back, and it went back and forth. Mom got a picture of it. Typical dinner time fun.

Mom sighes ever other night and says "its not the same without Aria". Well, I think this helped make it more like Aria was here. (Mikaela was the one who started it, the Smirk on her face totally gives it away.)

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Aria said...

hehehe i love that game! I miss dinner with you guys too. Thanks for the hug btw I love you and miss you.
Oh and hey about dinner, Mik is forced to eat her veggies when she argues with me! SO THERE! lol caps accidentaly came on hahahaha.

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