Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter Picnic-ing

We havent had a winter picnic in years, but we did this year. Back when we were little, mom would pack hotchocolate and sandwhiches or whatever and we would go to cultus lake for the day.

Me and Aria would find the coolest leaves, or just chuck rocks in the lake.

So, we packed up the hotdogs, tea pot, campstove and wood and headed off to the lake (and grabbed a friend for Mikaela so she wouldnt get bored as easily).

We wanted to go to Hicks Lake, but they were closed. So off we went down the hill to Harrison lake.

It was great fun. Mik and her friend Danielle went exploring and we found freshwater clams and fish bones. Being the twisted little kids they were, they found a pile of rocks and declared those rocks to be the Splatter rocks.

They took turns finding clams and crushing them against the rocks. The innards of the clams splattered all over the place, including them.

:P yuck!

After squishing clams, we went exploring in the woods and found a creek. It was cold!

When I was trying to climb on the log and wait for Mik to focus I almost slid right off and into the creek. Never underestimate the slipperyness of Moss.

Girls played with the embers of the fire, trying to get it going again, until it was completly out, and even then, they had a great time pouring water on the hot sand and watching the steam shoot out.

I have some more pics of aria later that I will scan tomorrow. I was having a hard time getting the scanning program to load, turns out you need the scanner plugged into the computer... good job miranda! lol.


Jennifer said...

cool stuff

Meredith said...

sounds like good times.

running wildly said...

What a great entry: reliving the past. Wonderful memories hey?

Miranda said...

oh yes. trying to find the old pics of mik bawling cause she wanted to go into the lake. poor thing

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