Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Status of the Cats with eating disorders:

My poor cat. Or, rather, Aria's poor cat. She has not been eating much. I shall introduce you now to what my cat does not look like just incase you confuse white fluffy cat with this:

Kiwi is part siamese. Shes a very tempermental kitty. She loves menthol/ mint tea smell, ham, cereal milk and her crunchy cat food. Lately she hasnt eaten any of her crunchy cat food. I caught her eating it and she reacted as if she wasnt allowed to eat and took off. Poor thing. We havent had ham for a while, and when I had some she gobbled it down. Gave her the rest of my vanilla icecream, and she wouldnt eat it unless I hand fed it to her off my fingers. Shes a thin cat, and I hope she doesnt get thinner. I am gonna try to feed her cheese. Now she doesnt get people food often, but when she doesnt eat anything for a long time, we can usually persuade mom to get sandwhich meat for mik and feed some to the cat. :)

The other cat binges on everything. She eats most of the crunchy food. We try to feed kiwi seperatly. Fat cat always gets a scoop of wet cat food every morning, and if she doesnt get it, she bites your toes in the morning to remind you to feed her. Shes a nusance! If you kick her off the bed, she will sit on you or yowl. Dad was mean and put a plate over the crunchy food to stop her from eating. Hes not being mean, cause the cat will eat the food so fast she will gag or throw it up. Its sick and yet really funny.

Kiwi hasnt eaten too much since aria left, but she is getting better

Oh and its snowing here now. Mom has some nighttime pictures of the snow. The weather man said 5 cm total, but we already have that and it keeps coming.

*mom took these cause i was too cold. I am a wus


Jennifer said...

nice snow pics.
I'm tired of being cold.
Is it May yet?

running wildly said...

They are beautiful snow pics. I too have a fat cat and a skinny cat. They hate eachother. That in itself is so funny for me. Fighting is the only excersize the fat cat gets.

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