Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No snow!

There was supposed to be snow, and I saw it mixed with rain at work, and then nothing happened. No snow, no cool snowflakes, nothing! I feel ripped off. There was a promise of snow and nothing happened. Tony was pretty sad as well. I found a nice package of jujubes by the couch...they are mine now! MINE!!! I think I like red best. It tastes nice.

Going to visit the wack this weekend. Havent been there in a while, and I miss it. Havent seen the bunnies in a while, I kinda miss them. I miss the cats more however.

So for those of you who care, I found my moms nativity scene on eBay. I am bidding on 2, one for me, one for my Aunt whos one got damaged by water. All my aunts and uncles got this set, its cool

I want this set so bad. I don't really like the other sets out there, but this one is soo cool! Its from the 1940's to the 1950's and they don't make it anymore. I hope I win, I am excited!

What else is new...not much else. I get to use the gym at work now, fun! Saw the Die Hard 4 movie, it was cool. Tony thought of my dad when we were watching it. He told me at one point, my dad would do the same thing with flying a helicoptor. Tried to watch Hairspray, stopped half way through, wasnt in the mood for a musical. It was kinda cute I guess. I kinda want to watch the Sound of Music instead.


Jennifer said...

my 1st nativity set I bought last year....I think Heidi said she had it on her wish list.

Miranda said...

yay! I am winning my auction right now, I am so excited!

Aria said...

it's like those commercials about ebay isn't it. It's more fun when you WIN it. haha
I am going to search on ebay now, it sounds great.

Miranda said...

Its so fun to win!

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