Sunday, November 18, 2007

New decorations!

I have been so excited about Christmas, I have been making paper snowflakes and putting pretty glitter on them. I have made about 32 and hung them from the ceiling. They spin so gently when the heat is on.

I also went to ikea to get some neat things for my house. I only have one picture for now, but its of my pictures in my bathroom! They match the colours of my bathroom stuff perfectly! I have more ikea pictures, but they are for later :) I have started my Christmas shopping already and it feels good because I hate being rushed at the end in a packed mall full of other stressed out people. Has anyone else started shopping for Christmas yet?


Meredith said...

Wow. Do you speak spanish? I love the duckies, I use them as thank-you cards in my duck (book) business.

Miranda said...

no, I dont speak spanish lol

Aria said...

I love em Miranda! I want you to put up the beach pictures! I WANT TO SEE!
I am going to write a blog. you will need to check it out later.
Love ya

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