Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interesting stuff about Tony's schooling

Tony came home today from his first day of school, he didn't look too good.
I was all excited to hear what his day was like.
He had the most worried kind of look on his face when he showed me some of the courses he was taking. "I don't know if I am in the right profession or not" he said.
Why, well, apparently he is doing the biology stuff that is related to the engineering he is taking.
He told me that they will be testing some of their "experiments" on themselves, this involves needles he told me with the most worried face. Poor guy. Thank goodness I am not near that profession.
He said in his Labs they might do field trips to the hospital.
*I shudder at the thought of that*
I made it clear he wasn't to test anything out on me, EVER!

Dad, you should hear some of the stuff he might be doing, I was excited.


Aria said...

oh no! It can't be all about needles - maybe that's just to freak him out. Teachers like to freak the students out.

Anonymous said...

You could always test it out on dad. I think he could take it. In the name of medical research of course.

Don't you love the way I volunteer him.

Miranda said...

true, but they get to test out equipment and needles will probably be involved...ew

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