Thursday, February 22, 2007

for you aria...

Here is a picture of your Trend-setting Father. He misses you too, but hopes you are having fun. He also hopes you take better pictures than your friends blurry pictures.--lol just kidding that was more ME thinking that. We loved them however, and want more asap.

Oh and here is the new van!

The sliding door opens with a button on the keychain. When mom and I were parking in the driveway, the car doors kept unlocking and locking fast and then the sliding passenger door opened all on its own. Thought the car was possesed, until of course, we realized that mother had squashed the buttons while holding her coffee cup. Her excuse was that she was "tired".

We ate taco's and thought of you, and Mikaela almost cried as we explained how your fierce grip crushed the tacos before she could really bite into them. We eat a lot more of them now since you have been gone.

So Aria, what things would you like from Canadaland? Any kinds of candy you miss? Anything special, or anything you forgot? Let me know so I can pass on this info to the others :)


Aria said...

I would like big canada stickers.
Some cool candy.
REESE !! They dont have them out here : '(

I would like to get some christian music - newsboys and stuff burned on dvd... i have a ton in my room on my cd shelf. umm send me stuff??


running wildly said...

Well I'm very glad that you "outed" yourself on my blog. I've checked in on you a few times and find you quite hilarious. I can appreciate a person with a sense of humor. Anyway, have fun with Aria and don't get into TOO much trouble.... :)

Jennifer said...

send her some canada tattooes from dollar store from me :)

Miranda said...

:) I figured I might as well out myself for good.
Canada tatoos it is!

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